GNU Cauldron 2019 - Adding Linux restartable sequence (rseq) support in glibc

Restartable Sequences, a system call speeding up user-space operations on per-CPU data, made its way into the 4.18 Linux kernel.

Linux Plumber Conference 2019 - Beyond per-CPU atomics and rseq syscall: subset of eBPF bytecode for the do_on_cpu syscall

The Restartable Sequences system call introduced in Linux 4.18 has limitations which can be solved by introducing a bytecode interpreter running in inter-processor interrupt context which accesses user-space data.

Linux Plumber Conference 2019 - Unifying trace processing ecosystems with Babeltrace

Babeltrace started out as the reference implementation of a Common Trace Format (CTF) reader. As the project evolved, many trace manipulation use-cases (merging, trimming, filtering, conversion, analysis, etc.) emerged and were implemented either as part of the Babeltrace project, on top of its APIs or through custom tools.

FOSDEM 2019 - Fine-grained Distributed Application Monitoring Using LTTng

There is no shortage of great tools to monitor distributed applications. However, most of them focus on monitoring overall performance metrics and error rates, giving only a general idea of the health of an infrastructure. Unfortunately, rarely occurring issues are often hidden by general trends making it difficult to completely understand infrequent, yet sometimes catastrophic, problems. Tracers are great at tracking down sporadic problems in production environments, but the amount of data they generate can be hard to manage in the wild.

The 5-year journey to bring restartable sequences to Linux

Concurrency control algorithms, paired with per-CPU data, are integral to ensuring low-level libraries and high-performance applications scale properly on today's hardware. These algorithms guarantee that user-space data structures are kept consistent in the face of simultaneous accesses, and that modifications are done wholly so that threads see either the before or after state, but not in between.

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