Linux Plumber Conference 2019 - Unifying trace processing ecosystems with Babeltrace

Babeltrace started out as the reference implementation of a Common Trace Format (CTF) reader. As the project evolved, many trace manipulation use-cases (merging, trimming, filtering, conversion, analysis, etc.) emerged and were implemented either as part of the Babeltrace project, on top of its APIs or through custom tools.

Today, as more tracers emerged, each using their own trace format, the tracing ecosystem has become fragmented making tools exclusive to certain tracers. The newest version of Babeltrace aims at bridging the gap between the various tracing ecosystems by making it easy to implement trace processing tools over an agnostic trace IR.

The discussion will aim at identifying the work needed to accommodate the various tracers and their associated tooling (scripts, graphical viewers, etc.) over the next releases.

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