Linux Plumbers Conference 2011: LTTng 2.0: Application, Library and Kernel tracing within your Linux distribution.

This presentation introduces LTTng 2.0, detailing the new features it provides. Amongst these, the most welcome will likely be the ability to use it on vanilla and distribution kernels, as well as the ability to hook on Tracepoints, Kprobes, Ftrace function tracing and Perf PMU counters.

The new integrated command line interface for both the kernel and user-space tracers (LTTng and UST) is presented. In an overview of the new LTTng 2.0 ABI, the new Common Trace Format (CTF) natively produced by LTTng 2.0 will be described, along with the tracer control ABI. The way LTTng 2.0 allows augmenting event data with optional "context" information (process ID, thread ID, nice level, priority, as well as branch, cache misses, and other performance counters) is described.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011: Userspace RCU Library: RCU Synchronization and RCU/Lock-Free Data Containers for Userspace

This presentation introduces the Userspace RCU library, a highly-scalable LGPL synchronization library providing very low-overhead and linearly scalable read-side synchronization, as well as lock-free data containers such as queues and stacks. This is followed by a presentation of ongoing work on a RCU red-black tree and a lock-free RCU hash table. Finally, the topic of efficient user-space wake-up management (both in terms of overhead and power-consumption) is discussed.

Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2011: User-space Tracing with UST

This presentation shows a quick overview of the features provided by the Userspace Tracer (UST), part of the LTTng project. It discusses the new LTTng and UST interface unification. It discusses the availability of the TRACE EVENT API to user-space applications in order to get feeback from the community. It concludes with a presentation of the UST roadmap.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2010: Converging towards a unified Lockless Ring Buffer Library

This presentation triggered a discussion on tracer ABIs at the Linux Plumbers Conference.

Ubuntu Developer Summit 2010: Squashing system-wide bugs with LTTng

Mathieu Desnoyers presented a short LTTng tutorial at UDS 2010, showing how to narrow down the source of bugs and performance issues in a distribution.