Linux Plumbers Conference 2010: Converging towards a unified Lockless Ring Buffer Library

This presentation triggered a discussion on tracer ABIs at the Linux Plumbers Conference.

Ubuntu Developer Summit 2010: Squashing system-wide bugs with LTTng

Mathieu Desnoyers presented a short LTTng tutorial at UDS 2010, showing how to narrow down the source of bugs and performance issues in a distribution.

LinuxCon 2010: Efficient Trace Format for System-Wide Tracing

This talk presents the steps taken to move towards a consensus about a trace model and format to gather system-wide traces in a way that respects the embedded, telecommunication and high-performance computing industry requirements. It presents some use-cases gathered from the industry, the requirements imposed by the embedded, telecommunication, and high-performance computing Linux users and discusses the reaction of the kernel community towards these requirements. It finally presents a trace format proposal that aims at fulfilling these requirements.

LinuxCon 2010 Tracing Mini-Summit: A new unified Lockless Ring Buffer library for efficient kernel tracing

The Lockless Ring Buffer library is proposed as a response to both Linux community unification and industry high-performance requirements. This is a major step in tracer infrastructure unification, providing flexibility, high-throughput, reliability and real-time awareness to both tracers and kernel drivers through a simple API.

LFCS2010: LTTng, State of the Union

This presentation will discuss the latest additions done to the LTTng project: the UST user-space tracer, the Eclipse Linux Tools Project LTTng integration, and user-space static tracepoints integration with gdb. An update on the latest LTTng roadmap will also be presented. The LTTng move from GPLv2 to dual LGPLv2.1/GPLv2 licensing will be explained.