Linux Plumbers Conference: Scaling Micro-conference

The Linux Plumbers scaling micro-conference focus on scaling both upwards (many cores) and downwards (low footprint, energy efficiency) at all layers of the software stack. Our intent is to bring together application, libraries and kernel developers to discuss the scalability issues they currently face, and get exposure for the ongoing work on scalability infrastructure. It was held in August 29-31, in San Diego, California.

The conferences slides are available:

  • Concurrency Kit: Towards accessible non-blocking technology for C, Samy Bahra (slides)
  • ASMP: Improving performance through dedication of OS tasks to specific processors, Christoph Lameter (slides)
  • RCU Judy Arrays: cache-efficient, compact, fast and scalable trie, Mathieu Desnoyers (slides)
  • Real-Time Response on Multicore Systems, Paul E. McKenney (slides)

It was organized by Mathieu Desnoyers (EfficiOS) and Paul E. McKenney (IBM and Linaro).

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