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At EfficiOS, our main goal is diminishing the amount of time our clients spend identifying faults. We also enable our clients' applications to scale on massive multi-core systems, and to meet real-time constraints. We do so by implementing open source tools and libraries such as LTTng and Userspace RCU.

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Linux Weekly News: User-space RCU article

Mathieu Desnoyers is co-author of a series of articles on Userspace RCU published on Linux Weekly News. These introduce the Userspace RCU library, which brings RCU and efficient data structures to user-space.

Tracing Summit 2013

EfficiOS co-organized the Tracing Summit 2013 event co-located with the Linux Foundation LinuxCon Europe 2013 in Edinburgh, UK held last October.

The main target of this one day conference was to provide room for discussion between people in the various areas that benefit from tracing, namely parallel, distributed and/or real-time systems, as well as kernel development.

More information and slides of this event can be found on the Tracing Summit website.

LinuxCon Europe 2013: Hands-on Tutorial on Scalability with Userspace RCU

This presentation is available as PDF.

Code examples and exercices available on Github.

Presenter: Mathieu Desnoyers, EfficiOS


LinuxCon Europe 2013: LTTng as a new monitoring tool

This presentation is available as PDF

Presenter: David Goulet, EfficiOS


ACM Queue article: Proving the Correctness of Nonblocking Data Structures

Desnoyers, Mathieu, Proving the Correctness of Nonblocking Data Structures. ACM Queue, 11 (5): 30-43 (2013). Paper (html/pdf).

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