Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2011: User-space Tracing with UST

Presentation of the LTTng-UST (Userspace Tracer) design.


Linux Plumbers Conference 2010: Converging towards a unified Lockless Ring Buffer Library

This presentation triggered a discussion on tracer ABIs at the Linux Plumbers Conference.

Ubuntu Developer Summit 2010: Squashing system-wide bugs with LTTng

Mathieu Desnoyers presented a short LTTng tutorial at UDS 2010, showing how to narrow down the source of bugs and performance issues in a distribution.

Projects "Common Trace Format" (CTF) and "BabelTrace"

The projects CTF and BabelTrace now have their web page on the efficios website.

The Common Trace Format (CTF) is proposed as a trace format that suits the needs of the embedded, telecom, high-performance and kernel communities. BabelTrace is a trace converter between CTF and other trace formats (work in progress).

Project "Generic Ring Buffer Library"

The project Generic Ring Buffer Library has its own web page on the efficios website.

The Generic Ring Buffer library presents a high-level kernel-level interface that allows programmers to easily create and use a ring buffer instance. It also provides a more advanced client configuration API for clients with more elaborate needs (e.g. tracers).

EfficiOS is now a member of the Multicore Association

EfficiOS Inc. is proud to be the first member of the Multicore Association to benefit from their new guest membership program. Working in collaboration with the MCA is promising very interesting results in terms of trace format standard and open source reference implementation.

Collaboration with the Multicore Association Tool Infrastructure Workgroup

EfficiOS and Ericsson are working in close collaboration with the Multicore Association Tool Infrastructure Workgroup. Members of this association actively taking part in this group include Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Imec, Mentor Graphics, Nokia Siemens Networks, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Tilera and Wind River.

So far, the group has drafted use cases and requirements. The CE Linux Forum is funding EfficiOS to work on a reference implementation of trace conversion library to and from the standard trace format to enhance interoperability of Linux tracers and analysis tools.


LinuxCon 2010 Tracing Mini-Summit: A new unified Lockless Ring Buffer library for efficient kernel tracing

The Lockless Ring Buffer library is proposed as a response to both Linux community unification and industry high-performance requirements. This is a major step in tracer infrastructure unification, providing flexibility, high-throughput, reliability and real-time awareness to both tracers and kernel drivers through a simple API.


LinuxCon 2010: Efficient Trace Format for System-Wide Tracing

This talk presents the steps taken to move towards a consensus about a trace model and format to gather system-wide traces in a way that respects the embedded, telecommunication and high-performance computing industry requirements. It presents some use-cases gathered from the industry, the requirements imposed by the embedded, telecommunication, and high-performance computing Linux users and discusses the reaction of the kernel community towards these requirements. It finally presents a trace format proposal that aims at fulfilling these requirements.

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